Long Fringed Hem, High Waist Mini Skirt

Long Fringed Hem, High Waist Mini Skirt


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Height matters.  High-waist or Super High-waist?  The simplest of details can mean everything to you.  It’s only 2 inches higher but it could mean the difference in how it flatters your midsection.

Prefer Super High-waist w/8 snaps or Classic High-waist with 7 snaps?

Choice in color of Snap detailing: Nickel or Black.

7 Dark Snap Front: HW-SKMFD-RB-7BLK-

7 Nickel Snap Front: HW-SKMFD-RB-7NKL-

8 Dark Snap Front: SHW-SKMFD-RB-8BLK-

8 Nickel Snap Front: SHW-SKMFD-RB-8NKL-

Co/Create options with as shown are also possible:
  1. Turned Hem … HW-SKMD-RB-7BLK.
  2. Add length:  +1″ or +2″ by adding suffix of +1 or +2.
  3. Without front placket snaps, change style# suffix to 2BLK or 2NKL.
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