Travel-ready essentials with contemporary fashion, native culture &  military functionality. 

Luxe materials uplift and blur the lines between femininity and masculinity.




Meant for living life, worn hard and feeling incredibly soft.




. - • U.S. ARMY ®brand, Design Director



U.S. ARMY ®brand Design Director.  A collection of clothing that rivaled the troops authentic gear.

Most recently, the designer proudly found himself being in the U.S. ARMY’s brand. Designed for civvies, he created a collection of clothing that rivaled the actual troops authentic specification garb. Often times it surpassed it in quality, due to the lack of restrictions set by the budgets of Quartermasters for U.S. troops. The parallel rise in the popularity of military clothing in youth culture was coincidental with Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson as our brand ambassador. The vast historical references in military clothing give a touch of practicality and toughness to the designer’s oeuvre.

. - • JUNE, Women's Contemporary, Owner/Designer

In 2002 the designer launched the women’s contemporary leather label ‘june‘.  

In the early naughty noughties, the designer launched the contemporary women’s outerwear label ‘June’.  Established in New York’s ‘Meatpacking District’ back in the days and nights as you’d pass a tranny or have to step over blood stained sidewalks from the meatpackers in the early early mornings.

The noughts brought the starlets who bought ‘June’, such as Kelly Ripa, Hayden Panettiere, Kim K and Paris.  His first model was actress Jill Flint (Royal Pains & The Night Shift), and even Vanessa Trump.

. - • MEMBERS ONLY, Men's head outerwear designer

 Got a MEMBERS ONLY jacket, then you might be a Brooklyn hipster, a fan of the 80’s or your Dad rocked one.  

After a much needed update to the iconic racer jacket, the designer re-proportioned the fit and made it poppin’.  Perhaps ‘ironically’ or just because it reminds them of their dads, it was worn often by the likes of The Beibs, Zac, A-Trak, Chris Brown, Ray-J, The Situation, (I know, right?) and Jon Voight’s jacket in Ray Donovan… OH let’s not forget “The ‘Hoff”. 

You probably know some of these ‘MEMBERS’, but yeah… the fit and water-repellency made that old dude jacket cool again.

. - • KENNETH COLE, Head Designer, Men's Outerwear

As the Design Director of Men’s Outerwear, he helped establish the ‘clean NYC’ look that the brand was known for.

The shoe brand quickly became known for its men’s leather jackets.  Designing many ‘iconic’ 90’s KC looks such as a Croc’ embossed leather blazer in a ‘new’ sci-fi flick to be called ‘The Matrix’. 

The Backstreet Boys 1st album cover in those white leathers.  Remember, it was the original 90’s that much of today’s ‘new’ oversized fit is from.

. - • GORDON & FERGUSON, Head Designer


Purveyors of outerwear to Charles Lindburgh, the US Army in WWI & WWII. 2 years designing the collection and it gained popularity from coast to coast, like ‘Lucky Lindy’, across the pond.

Brawny bands of railroad workmen and frontiersmen are outfitted by Richards Gordon & Paul D. Ferguson in buffalo hide and shearling lined mackinaws.  The American free spirit was appreciated by Italian men’s Vogue in 1994

and Diego Della Valle wanted to distribute the brand exclusively in his stores TOD’S.

CHARLES LINDBERGH: A Minnesota native wears Gordon & Ferguson for his historical transatlantic flight in 1927.


Californio heritage mixed with Native American roots

Californio Heritage

A Californio, is one of the original Spanish settlers, not to be confused with a Californian, a resident of California.