. Co /Create

One design doesn’t fit all.


This  skirt style varies in 6 various ways

Snaps exposed or Snaps hidden.

High waist or Super high waist.

Raw fringed hem or Turned hem. 


In a small batch production,

your choices matter to us.

Co/Create and express your uniqueness


“It’s the inside that counts”

Choose a basic lining, like cotton

Matching or pick a contrast color

Upgrade it with one of our pure linens

Heat things up in a goose down or even a fur.

You design it.  You may end up handing it down.

What’s inside

is as important

as what’s outside

Linen lining: An option worth spending on

Value your health and a little freshness, try pure Linen.

  • Linen is thought of as nature’s wicking fiber. Wearing linen clothes we perspire 1.5 times less than in cotton. It’s the most comfortable fabric to wear in warming global climates. 
  • Linen has the natural ability to prevent bacterial growth.  Antibacterial: What else can we say?
  • Linen is a natural insulator due to the fiber structure.  It is valued for its ability to keep cool in the summer months but it also traps warmth in colder weather.  




Wear  one jacket throughout the year.
Layered, or insulated.  Add on a liner or keep it unlined. 
Fixed or removable:  Cotton, Modal, Linen, Downfill or Fur.
No climate is the same across the globe.  Sometimes unlined works or choose from a variety of premium to luxury linings


All our garments are guaranteed and we will be happy to provide you with prompt attention to your concerns.  

We have worked with our factory for nearly 16 years and we hope to be with them for another 20 so if you have any problem due to our manufacturing of any of our garments, we will take it back and provide you with a replacement, a credit or refund.

Co/Create your next heirloom