CHARLES LINDBERGH: A Minnesota native wears Gordon & Ferguson for his historical transatlantic flight in 1927.
Heritage Reborn: Embracing the Frontier Spirit with Richards, Gordon & Ferguson’s Timeless Buffalo Hide and Shearling Mackinaws—A Legacy of Durability
Brawny bands of railroad workmen and frontiersmen were originally outfitted and necessary in 1871, in order to survive the frontier.  
The American free spirit was appreciated by Italian men's Vogue in 1994. It didn't fail to gain the attention of the legendary Diego Della Valle who asked to meet with us to distribute the brand exclusively in his stores TOD'S.
Details Magazine 'The Fall Fashion Issue'  Sept 1993
DRIVE BUY:  Leather remains essential for Fall, especially when it looks beat up.
The most important shape is the Drugstore Cowboy special: a three or four button single-breasted car coat.  
Our pick is by Gordon & Ferguson, $500

This is the jacket that started them all.  It put our brand in all the best men's retails shops across the U.S. for the next few years.  For a decade or two more, it was imitated by nearly all outerwear brands except they didn't know the exact technique we wore out the edges.
GQ Magazine 'True West'  October 1994
Gordon & Ferguson vintage tumbled cow car coat with hunting details.
This style was a leather version of a traditional red and black buffalo check hunting jacket.  Reinvented in a rugged leather made it an instantly contemporary classic.  
Timeless and stylish 30 years later.
Reversible Shearling coats make sense to be able to wear two ways, for the cost and for the climate.  When the fur is closer to the body, it provides more warm.
Copper metallic and indigo on raw heavy card stock hangtag
The letter we gave to buyers when they would see the collection. The paper was preprinted and cut, then we used it to print our copy.

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